About Patricia "Patch" McCairen

I've been interested in photography, writing, and traveling most of my life.
Over the years I've owned a variety of cameras, and now
in the digital age, the Nikon D700 and D500.

Photography combines mental, physical, and emotional stimulation.
It has provided new friendships and a connection with the natural world.
With camera in hand, I have traveled extensively in North America. In previous
years, I have visited numerous countries around the world, having the
privilege of setting my foot on each of the seven continents..

Writing has also been an important part of my life. Canyon Solitude is an
account of my 25 day solo river journey through Grand Canyon, which made
me the first woman to complete a solo trip through Grand Canyon. I hope
to have additional books sometime in the not too distant future.

Patricia "Patch" McCairen PatriciaMcCairen@gmail.com