About Patricia "Patch" McCairen

I've been interested in photography, writing, and traveling most of my life.
At age thirteen I was given a Brownie Box Camera. Over the years I've owned
a variety of cameras, and now in the digital age, the Nikon D750 and D500.

Photography combines mental, physical, and emotional stimulation, has provided new
friendships and a connection with the natural world. With camera in hand, I recently
decided to succumb to my gypsy spirit and live permanently in a travel trailer. I follow
the sun and warm weather to the most beautiful places in North America.

Writing has also been an important part of my life. Canyon Solitude is an
account of a 25 day solo river journey I did through Grand Canyon. I hope
to have additional books sometime in the not too distant future.

Patricia "Patch" McCairen PatriciaMcCairen@gmail.com