Canyon Solitude ~ 
                        A Woman's Solo River Journey Through Grand Canyon
                                       by Patricia C. McCairen

Cover of Canyon Solitude Map of Grand Canyon Back Cover of Canyon Solitude

After years of river guiding, Patricia "Patch" McCairen became the first woman
to solo raft the 277 miles of the Colorado River through Grand Canyon.

The culmination of a journey to a freer existence, Canyon Solitude
tacks gracefully back and forth between McCairen's journey
down the river and her personal quest to live true to herself.

From the Book:
Solitude has a sound all its own, a feeling, a special vision.
With each stroke on the oars, I draw myself deeper into its realm.
The Canyon is familiar, yet strange, like an old friend under new
circumstances. My senses sharpen, taking me beyond myself,
beyond my fears, into another world. Within two miles of
Lees Ferry, the well-known walls have risen quickly on
either side of a river that has wedged itself between solid
rock. The rest of the world has disappeared. It is just
the Canyon, the river and me. To be here, that is
all there is. Nothing more is necessary.
Nothing more exists.


"As more women dare to challenge society's expectations,
McCairen's marvelous accomplishment may come to
seem routine. For now, it is simply inspiring."
- New York Times Book Review


The following images were taken during the trip.
The first is by Dwight Morgan; the rest are by Patch.
They are not in the book.

Beginning the Journey Cooking Breakfast Beginning the Journey Cooking Breakfast Sunshine Lady Stranded Tying Down the Load Stranded at Naudaloid Tying Down the Load for the Day Alone on the River Camp for One Hiking Fern Glen Canyon Near Elves Chasm Kanab Creek Camp Hiking in Fern Glen Canyon The Lower Granite Gorge Rainy Day in the Lower Granite Gorge


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Enjoy the Journey, Patricia "Patch" McCairen